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West End Mission

Notre Dame de France, as a Marist parish, is inspired by Mary’s quality of presence and attentiveness. In our mission of evangelisation, we promote the transmission of the Good News by a way of being and joyful service, marked by respect, listening and welcoming presence.

This West End Mission is part of Notre Dame de France’s evangelising activities.
Its purpose is to give witness to Christ and the gospel based on the belief that only the Lord answers the deepest yearnings of the human heart, with the specific aims to:

• allow the Catholic faith community and the church to take its place in the city centre;
• offer opportunities and experiences to people to connect with the Church, Christianity and God;
• build relationships that help people develop a sense of personal spirituality, help people find the ‘Spirit’ in the city; and
• support the development of a deepening sense of discipleship in the faith community.

The people

Principally young people who are attracted to the West End for entertainment purposes. We want to reach (1) visitors, tourists, (2) people who work in the area and (3) art, culture, music lovers we encounter. Our collaborators are parishioners of Notre Dame de France and Catholics who are passionate about evangelisation and join us for this mission.

Their needs

People who frequent the West End for recreation are rarely offered more than entertainment. They are frequently searching for something of more significance in their lives – meaning and purpose. They deserve a response to this need and our West End Mission aims to be one.