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Refugee Centre

Notre Dame Refugee Centre
The Refugee Centre welcomes all asylum-seekers and refugees regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin or faith.

Our Aim

  • Enabling asylum-seekers and refugees to be resilient, resourceful and capable in addressing the challenges of the modern life
  • Developing their personal and professional skills
  • Achieving a better quality of life

How we help
Our trained staff and volunteers welcome refugees and offer advice on:

  • housing
  • benefits
  • social services
  • managing money
  • translation, interpreting
  • administrative problems
  • legal advice
  • medical support
  • counselling
  • chaplaincy

When and where
Mondays and Thursdays from 11.00 to 16.00

Maison Pierre Chanel
The Parish centre
16 Leicester Square
London WC2H 7NH

T. 020 7440 2668