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(Français) Qui sont les Maristes?

The Marist Fathers have been responsible for leading the community of Notre Dame de France since 1865.

Who are the Marist Fathers?

The Marist Fathers are members of the Society of Mary, which is a religious congregation founded in France in 1816. They are one branch of a Marist Family also including the Marist (Teaching) Brothers, the Marist Sisters, the Marist Missionary Sisters, and various forms of Lay fraternity and affiliation.

Marist Spirituality

  • To be a Marist is to respond to the call of Jesus and Mary, to live and announce the Gospel in Mary’s name and in accordance with her inspiration… respond to a divine call, mediated through Mary, to live and announce the Gospel in the spirit of Mary, especially as it is evidenced in her way of being present and active in the first community of believers (Acts 1:13-14), a presence at the heart of the community which is effective in being discreet
  • The spirit of ‘hidden and unknown’ leads Marists to embrace a life of simplicity, modesty and humility. (Constitutions no. 24)

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