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Mass times

Holy Week

– 14th of April, Palm Sunday. Procession at 11am
– 18th of April, Maundy Thursday. One mass only at 7.30pm in French
– 19th of April, Good Friday. Stations of the Cross at 1pm in French and at 3.00pm Celebration of the Cross
– 20th of April, Easter Vigil.  Mass at 8.00pm in French
– 21st of April, Easter Sunday. One mass only at 11pm in French
– 22nd of April. Easter Monday. One mass only at 6pm

Sacrament of reconciliation/confessions: Good Friday between 4pm and 7pm and on Saturday from 10am until 1pm

Monday /Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday:
– 12:15: Mass in English (Except Tuesday)
– 17:45: Evening Prayer preceding mass
– 18:00: Mass in English

– 18:00: Mass in English
– 18:30: Eucharistic Adoration following mass

– 18:00: Mass in French

– 11:00: Mass in French
– 18:00: Mass in French