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Get involved

We have all been gifted in various ways.Why not use your gifts in the service of others?

Are you able to give time and get more involved in the mission of the parish? There are different ways you can do so.

Our parish often needs talented people in the following fields: photography, video, listening, languages and translation, cooking, I.T., welcoming tourists …

Why not get involved in one or other of the following activities and groups:

  • Liturgical activities: ministry of readers, Eucharistic ministers singing, welcoming
  • Decoration (flowers) and cleaning of the church
  • Fundraising
  • Sacramental preparation, catechists for the Sunday School and school chaplaincy
  • Scouts
  • One of the prayer and sharing groups
  • Charitable activities: Welcoming Room, Notre Dame Refugee Centre, Sandwich Service
  • Evangelisation activities

Contact us to discuss it further:
T. 020 7437 9363