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Liturgy service

In its thriving liturgical life Notre Dame de France invites members of the parish to serve in various capacities.

Liturgical Ministries
Christ Church Team

Organise Mass each Saturday evening during the school-year in Christ Church, South Kensington.

Mass on Saturday evenings

at Notre Dame de France (hymns and readings)
T. 078 7675 4453

Altar Servers

at Christ Church
Gerard de Lambilly

at Notre Dame de France
Jean-Marie Calore
T. 020 7437 9363


Angeline Kouassi

Notre Dame de France choir

Animating the Sunday 11am mass and all solemnities
Rehearsing on Sunday morning before mass.

Mémona Rendekeu

Notre Dame de France Ensemble Vocal

Animating particular masses and feasts
Sacred and classical music concerts
Rehearsals every Tuesday 19.30 at NDF
Blandine de Raulin
T. 079 4882 5275


Duncan Middleton – organiste
T. 079 1561 6067

Flower Arrangement

Sr Anne lata
T. 020 7437 9363