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Mass intentions

Every Mass has a universal value. It may, however, be celebrated for particular purposes. This means that you can ask a priest to bring your intentions to the Lord during the Mass.
– In thanksgiving: just to say thank you.
– For your departed: it is an act of faith in the resurrection. You ask God to welcome them to Him in His light. You accompany them in their passage to the Father. It is for you and your loved ones the best way to keep their memory alive.
– For your loved ones: parents, children, friends, neighbors … You ask Christ Jesus to help them pass a difficult time: sickness, failure, family difficulties.

The Archbishop recommends that the stipend for a Mass should be £10.
You can give more, you can give less.
Thank you for what you will give, according to your means.
You can also make a commitment to participate in the parish costs.
We only survive on gifts!

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