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“By marrying in church, the betrothed testify that the love they have for each other is a gift from God. They commit themselves to be faithful and gratefully welcome the fruits of their love.”

Register with Notre Dame de France at least 6 months before the wedding date
(Attention, there is no preparation during July and August)

Preparation in Notre Dame de France is in French and includes:

At least two interviews with a priest
Group meeting on a Saturday in French (theme: relationships in a couple)

Another group meeting, with the priest and a couple from the preparation team, focused on the sacrament

Marriage preparation fees:

Fees for the retreat in French : £90 per couple.
Contribution towards Notre Dame de France administrative fees: suggested donation £150 to £250
Marriage celebration at Notre Dame de France: £200

To register and see the dates for the preparation in French, please fill this form.

For further information and if you would prefer a preparation in English, please contact: Gwenaelle Mallet – 020 7437 9363