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“To be baptised is to become a child of God and enter the great family of Christians.”

Baptism certificate: need a copy? Please click here.
We will ask for a minimum of £10 contribution towards expenses.

Baptism of Infants (under 4’s)

Different steps of the preparation for the parents:
• Register with Notre Dame de France.

• First session
a group meeting with the preparation team and a priest, (either Saturday 10.30-12.00, or Wednesday 19.30-21.00).

• Second session one-to-one meeting personalised.
• Baptism celebration
Baptism taking place at Notre Dame de France are celebrated at the dates and times shown below.

REGISTRATION (Please allow 3 months for the preparation.)

Step 1: register on our list, (parents + children) by following this link

Step 2: choose a date for the group meeting preparation (one booking per family):

Wednesday 2 September
Saturday 19 September
Wednesday 7 October
Saturday 10 October
Wednesday 4 November
Wednesday 9 December
Wednesday 10 February
Wednesday 17th March

Baptism preparation fees £30

Step 3: Date of the celebration

–> Option 1. the celebration will take place in another church

–> Option 2. the celebration will take place at Notre Dame de France, please choose a date below:
(Several of your children will be baptised the same day? Please register each one of them.)

Suggested offering: £50-100 (payment online, and GiftAid, visit our site)

From Monday 28th September, the number of people attending the baptism liturgy outside of the normal pattern of worship is limited to 6 attendees (celebrant excluded).
However, if the baptism takes place in a Mass which is part of the normal pattern of parish Masses, the number of people attending will be limited to the secure capacity determined by the COVID-19 risk assessment for the church building.

If you would like to organise baptism for your child, please contact: Gwenaelle Mallet –

Baptism of school-aged children

Preparation takes place in 2 possible places:

Aumônerie francophone de Londres
Contact Florence Blagburn
T. 020 7584 3006

• Notre Dame de France – Sunday School
Pour les enfants scolarisés dans des écoles anglaises.

Baptism of adults

Preparation takes a little less than 2 years at Notre Dame de France:
Two meetings a month on Thursday evenings 19.30-21.00 in Maison Pierre Chanel parish centre.

Celebration: Easter Vigil Mass