Notre Dame de France - 5 Leicester Place - London WC2H 7BX - charity nr 1177995                English | Français

Night Church in the heart of the City

Open church * oasis of peace * beauty * art * candle-light * music… an opportunity to encounter God in a different way… this is Night Church!

Just imagine: as you pass the church, a ‘Night Church’. A board invites you from the street, the light in the entrance is dimmed – flickering light of lanterns draws you in to this sacred space. Inside it is dark, candles around and on the balcony highlight your way as you discover the church in a different way.
Gentle music fills the dome of the church… No big crowds around, it’s only you and God.

Most people associate the West End of London with theatres, entertainment, bars, restaurants and cinemas.
At Notre Dame de France it also has a spiritual meaning: where we gather as a Catholic faith community.

Can you help as a volunteer?
Join the team: Preparing, setting up, playing music – singing, welcoming people, offering refreshments, engaging with visitors.

Get in touch to help for a few hours!