Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Mass time

Notre Dame de France

Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

  • Mass in English at 6pm
  • On Thursdays 6:30 pm: Eucharistic Adoration following mass
  • Closed on Tuesday


  • Mass in French at 6pm


  • Mass in French at 11am
  • Mass in French at 6 pm

Christ Church

The 6 pm mass at Christchurch only takes place during term time :

  • September 2nd 2023
  • September 9th 2023
  • September 16th no mass
  • September 23rd
  • September 30th 2023
  • October 7th 2023
  • October 14th 2923
  • October 21st 2023 – no mass
  • October 28th 2023 – no mass
  • November 4th 2023 – no mass
  • November 11th 2023
  • November 18th 2023
  • November 25th 2023
  • December 2nd 2023
  • December 9th 2023
  • December 16th2023
  • December 23rd 2023 – no mass
  • December 20th 2023 – no mass
  • January 6th 2024 – no mass
  • January 13th 2024
  • January 20th 2024
  • January 27th 2024
  • February 3rd 2024
  • February 10th 2024–no mass
  • February 17th 2024 – no mass
  • February 24th 2024 – no mass
  • March 2nd 2024
  • March 9th 2024
  • March 16th 2024
  • March 23rd 2024
  • March 30th 2024 – no mass
  • April 6th 2024 – no mass
  • April 13th 2024 – no mass
  • April 20th 2024
  • April 27th 2024
  • May 4th 2024
  • May 11th 2024
  • May 18th 2024
  • May 25th 2024 – no mass
  • June 1st 2024
  • June 8th
  • June 15th 2024
  • June 22nd 2024
  • June 29th 2024

Contact: christchurch@ndfchurch.org 

Mass Sheet (in French)

Don’t forget to put your phone in silent mode! 

Click here to view mass sheets and hymn sheets in French

Liturgy Service

In its thriving liturgical life Notre Dame, de France invites members of the parish to serve in various capacities.

Liturgical Ministries

Christ Church Team

Organise Mass each Saturday evening during the school-year in Christ Church, South Kensington.

E. christchurch@ndfchurch.org 

Mass on Saturday evenings

at Notre Dame de France (hymns and readings)

E. info@ndfchurch.org

Altar Servers at Christ Church

E. christchurch@ndfchurch.org 

Altar Servers  at Notre Dame de France

Jean-Marie Calore

T. 020 7437 9363


Angeline Kouassi

E. miss.kouassi@hotmail.com 

Notre Dame de France choir

Animating the Sunday 11am mass and all solemnities

Rehearsing on Sunday morning before mass.

Mémona Rendekeu

T. 07383070200

E. chorale@ndfchurch.org 

Christ Church Choir

Animating the Saturday 6 pm mass in Christ Church Kensington. Rehearsal at 5 pm in the church.

Contact Anne-Lise Dieu

tel 07889146134

Les Fauristes Ensemble

Animating particular masses and feasts

Sacred and classical music concerts

Rehearsals every Tuesday 19.30 at NDF

Blandine de Raulin

T. 079 4882 5275

E. blandine.deraulin@eurostar.co.uk 


Simon Lawford – organist 

Flower Arrangement

T. 020 7437 9363

Mass intention

Every Mass has a universal value. It may, however, be celebrated for particular purposes. This means that you can ask a priest to bring your intentions to the Lord during the Mass.

  • In thanksgiving: just to say thank you.
  • For your departed: it is an act of faith in the resurrection. You ask God to welcome them to Him in His light. You accompany them in their passage to the Father. It is for you and your loved ones the best way to keep their memory alive.
  • For your loved ones: parents, children, friends, neighbors … You ask Christ Jesus to help them pass a difficult time: sickness, failure, family difficulties.

The Archbishop recommends that the stipend for a Mass should be £10.

You can give more, you can give less.

Thank you for what you will give, according to your means.

You can also make a commitment to participate in the parish costs.

We only survive on gifts!

To request a mass intention, please email us at info@ndfchurch.org and provide 1) your mass intention and 2) the day(s) when you would like it to be said. We will answer you as soon as we receive it.


“The sacrament of Reconciliation is a sign of God’s tenderness. By confessing, the Christian says his desire to turn to God and accept his forgiveness.”

Confession at Notre Dame de France :

T. 020 7437 9363

E. info@ndfchurch.org 

You can either:

• make an appointment with a priest

• come directly to the church and see a priest after masses (from Monday to Friday except on Tuesday at 6pm).

• communal celebrations of the sacrament before Christmas and before Easter