Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Virtual tour

Experience the charm of Notre Dame de France with our virtual tour, and discover its rich historical and architectural heritage.

Our Mission

Parish Mission

The Society of Mary based at Notre Dame de France, a church situated in the centre of the city of Westminster, is called by the gospel to form a communion for mission from within the roman catholic francophone community in London. It contributes to the pastoral care of the ‘West End’ district of London as a ‘city-centre church’.

Notre Dame de France is recognised by the Diocese of Westminster as an ethnic chaplaincy and is part of the Aumônerie Générale des Français à l’Etranger.

The Society of Mary forms a communion through the creation, maintenance and enhancement of pastoral care for the francophone community wherever it is present in London. By its very nature this communion is called to go out on mission. The community of Notre Dame de France – religious and laity – is committed to evangelise in word and action; it reaches out to other people, particularly those who frequent the west end and share this environment with us.

This communion for mission finds expression in but is not limited to:

  • Ministering to the spiritual needs of the francophone community and preparing individuals and groups for the sacraments. 
  • Providing religious education for children and adults.
  • Developing leadership in spiritual and pastoral affairs.
  • Creating opportunities for the francophone community united in faith through Notre Dame de France to engage in works of justice, mercy and charity.
  • Encouraging the francophone community to support the local church and other catholic pastoral activities in London’s west end.
  • Initiating collaboration between the francophone community and other individuals, churches and organisations who share similar concerns with Notre Dame de France.

The Marists

The Marist Fathers have been responsible for leading the community of Notre Dame de France since 1865.

Who are the Marist Fathers?

The Marist Fathers are members of the Society of Mary, which is a religious congregation founded in France in 1816. They are one branch of a Marist Family also including the Marist (Teaching) Brothers, the Marist Sisters, the Marist Missionary Sisters, and various forms of Lay fraternity and affiliation.

Marist Spirituality

To be a Marist is to respond to the call of Jesus and Mary, to live and announce the Gospel in Mary’s name and in accordance with her inspiration… respond to a divine call, mediated through Mary, to live and announce the Gospel in the spirit of Mary, especially as it is evidenced in her way of being present and active in the first community of believers (Acts 1:13-14), a presence at the heart of the community which is effective in being discreet

The spirit of ‘hidden and unknown’ leads Marists to embrace a life of simplicity, modesty and humility. (Constitutions no. 24)

Find out more about the marists and the marist spirituality following this link:

Contact: Father Pascal Boidin – info@ndfchurch.org 

Our team

Join our team

We are always welcoming new volunteers and group members! If you would like to volunteer or join one of our groups, please check the solidarity or groups pages.

We are not currently recruiting for office positions.

For unsolicited applications, please contact Anne-Lise Dieu at: recruitment@ndfchurch.org 

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Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday (except Tuesday) from 9.30am until 9pm – mass in English at 6pm
  • Closed on Tuesday
  • Saturday: from 2pm until 9pm – Mass in French at 6pm
  • Sunday: from 10am until 7pm – Mass in French at 11am and 6pm

Notre Dame de France
5 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BX
T. 020 7437 9363
E. info@ndfchurch.org 
Metro: Leicester Square 
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