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Stopping cuts to income

As you may already know, in early October the government are planning to cut Universal Credit by £20 a week. This will leave 6 million families £1,040 worse off a year. For many, this money is the difference between keeping afloat and falling into serious poverty.

We know you have supported hundreds of families during the pandemic, and before, to get by on dangerously low incomes. This cut will mean even more people are in need of your support to avoid going hungry.

The £20 cut was originally scheduled for March 2020, but thanks to thousands of people, including many of you, writing to their MPs and asking them to #KeepTheLifeline, the government postponed it.

Now we are asking you to write to your MP again to ask them to stop the cut for good. As we come out of this pandemic we need to give people a chance to get their lives back on track, not plunge them further into poverty by taking away the income they rely on.

Please write to your MP using the template letter and step by step guide attached and share with them your personal experience of how the cut will affect people in your community.  

[Template letter to MP]

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have pulled together data showing how many families will be affected by the cut in each constituency. Have a look at the spreadsheet attached to see how many families will be left worse off in your constituency and include this figure in your letter to make sure your MP knows too!