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News from the Sandwich Service

When we first re opened our doors on April 4th at 12:30 -14:30 we welcomed 30 people, the following week it went to 44 people.  Since then I have joined a regular meeting with Westminster Council  other groups such as ours to try and coordinate services for rough sleepers so that we can  provide a more balanced distribution of food. Having seen where the gaps in provision are in the area, this weekend we opened our doors on Friday from 6pm -8pm and served sandwiches, soup, crisps, cake/biscuits to 66 guests.  On Saturday we opened our doors from 12:30 -12:30 and served coffee/tea and biscuits to 80 guests and Saturday evening from  6pm – 8pm we opened our doors to 100 guests where once again sandwiches and soup accompanied with crisps and biscuits and chocolate were served. 

Westminster council are continuing to support homeless people who have been put into isolation in hotels and are struggling by providing items that people in accommodation are still in need of e.g:  Toiletries, clothes, entertainment items e.g.books/crosswords etc.

If you feel that you can donate some of these items please see the collection address below. Please do not bring them to Notre Dame De France church.

Please do not wrap them, the organisers will need to see what you have brought.  There will be then be other people who will distribute the items to the hotels where people need them.

 Here is the Address;

St Joseph’s Hall, 5 Thurloe Place, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RR.

Opening times for receiving donations:   Monday/Wednesday 10am – 1pm, Friday 10am – 12pm.

What you need to do:

  • Please inform Kate MacKenzie and the staff at WCC of when your delivery will arrive and the contents (contact details below). 


Donation Hub Contact:
Kate MacKenzie – – 07884 076959

WCC Contacts: 
Lucia Ive – – 07971 024131 Steph Murphy – – 07971920396