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“To be baptised is to become a child of God and enter the great family of Christians.”

Baptism certificate: need a copy? Please click here.

Baptism of Infants (under 4’s)

Different steps of the preparation for the parents:
• Register with Notre Dame de France.
Please allow 3 months for the preparation.
(Attention, there is no preparation during July and August)
• First session
a group meeting with the preparation team and a priest, (either Saturday 10.30-12.00, or Wednesday 19.30-21.00).

• Second session one-to-one meeting personalised.
• Baptism celebration
Baptism taking place at Notre Dame de France are celebrated on Sunday at 13.00, after the 11.30 mass (see dates below).


Step 1: register on our list, (parents + children) by following this link

Step 2: Date of the celebration

–> Option 1. the celebration will take place in another church, please fill this form

–> Option 2. the celebration will take place at Notre Dame de France, please choose a date below:
(Several of your children will be baptised the same day? Please register each one of them.)
(After the 8th of July, the baptism will be celebrated in September)

Sunday 8th July

Step 3: choose a date for the group meeting preparation (one booking per family):

All our meetings are complete for this school year; next year’s meetings dates will be posted online during the summer. Please contact us at 0207 440 2643 or

Baptism preparation fees £15

Baptism of school-aged children

Preparation takes place in 2 possible places:

Aumônerie francophone de Londres
Contact Florence Blagburn
T. 020 7584 3006

• Notre Dame de France – Sunday School
Pour les enfants scolarisés dans des écoles anglaises.

Baptism of adults

Preparation takes a little less than 2 years at Notre Dame de France:
Two meetings a month on Thursday evenings 19.30-21.00 in Maison Pierre Chanel parish centre.

Celebration: Easter Vigil Mass